Month: August 2016

Body Composition - Blood Analysis

Why Analyse My Blood?

When embarking upon a fitness program, in order to ensure it is safe to do so, any good Personal Trainer will require their clients to undergo a few simple measurements, such as having their blood pressure taken and, of course, recording their client’s height & weight etc. Some trainers may also perform further measurements enabling them to calculate ...
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Get A Health Check Before Starting A Fitness Program!

The X-Life formula is all about results. We believe in methodical, scientific processes & a clear understanding of your starting point leads to the ability to determine your success. A health check provides exactly that. It gives us a baseline from which to progress, with the ability to effectively track & record every success, no matter how small. That’s why ...
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When Is The Best Time To Train And Why?

UK Personal Trainer Jamie Bantleman, on the best time to train: In an ideal world, training in the morning could be suggested to be the best time to train. This is due to the fact that it allows for your body to spend the rest of the day recovering and replenishing what was lost in ...
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