Month: October 2018

X = Ski-Fit…OUT NOW!!!

Hey Skiers! WINTER IS COMING…Niseko Black’s Head Ski Trainer & X-Life are proud to announce that the ALL-NEW X = Ski-Fit, 15 minute HIIT video program is OUT NOW!!! …with a MASSIVE 60% DISCOUNT FOR SNOW-PRO’s, we must be NUTS! Check out a couple of month 1’s workouts HERE, or get straight into X-Life’s 14 ...
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The Role of Your Ankles in Skiing

As summer turns to autumn and our daydreams begin to conjure up images of snowy mountains and waist-deep powder, Niseko Black’s Head Ski Trainer and Action Sports Conditioning Pro, Bruce, brings another instalment in his series of ski fitness articles – The Role of Your Ankles in Skiing – Woohoo! In support of his equipment-free, ...
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