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Weight Lifting for Women | The Tale of Two Twins

Weight Lifting for women is a good thing, not bad! Resistance training helps increase lean body mass, which in turn, boosts metabolism. When compared to dieting alone, resistance training has LASTING RESULTS. Consider this: The Tale of Two Twins Two identical twins; Margaret & Lisa, weighing in at 90kg & 40% body fat… Margaret decides ...
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7 Principles of Accelerated Fat Loss

In my article, ‘Weight Lifting for Women,’ I tell the ‘Tale of Two Twins.’ I hope you’ll agree that story goes some way to proving why dieting alone doesn’t work. Whoever you are, whatever gender, resistance training is a GOOD idea. In fact, twice weekly resistance training is number 6 of the 7 Principles of ...
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X = Ski-Fit…OUT NOW!!!

Hey Skiers! WINTER IS COMING…Niseko Black’s Head Ski Trainer & X-Life are proud to announce that the ALL-NEW X = Ski-Fit, 15 minute HIIT video program is OUT NOW!!! …with a MASSIVE 60% DISCOUNT FOR SNOW-PRO’s, we must be NUTS! Check out a couple of month 1’s workouts HERE, or get straight into X-Life’s 14 ...
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The Role of Your Ankles in Skiing

As summer turns to autumn and our daydreams begin to conjure up images of snowy mountains and waist-deep powder, Niseko Black’s Head Ski Trainer and Action Sports Conditioning Pro, Bruce, brings another instalment in his series of ski fitness articles – The Role of Your Ankles in Skiing – Woohoo! In support of his equipment-free, ...
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X-Life Online - Getting Skiers Back to Their BEST! Expert Ski Instructor, Alpine Race Coach, Ski Fitness expert, Online Ski-Fit program helping you ski as if you were decades younger...

Improving Hip Mobility for Ultimate Skiing!

As Niseko Black’s Head Ski Trainer and an Action Sports Conditioning Pro, I’ve been hard at it recently, developing an equipment-free, off-season ski fitness program for snow-pro’s and clients to follow at home, so watch out for the release in October…with MASSIVE pro’ discounts! Taking a slightly different approach to ski fitness, the program and ...
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X = Ski-Fit Freebies

X = SKI-FIT MOBILITY & STRETCH This 15 minute ski-specific Mobility and Stretch session forms part of the X = Ski-Fit 15 min HIIT video series, created by Niseko Black’s Head Ski Trainer and X-Life’s Master Personal Trainer & Action Sports Conditioning Pro, Bruce T: MORE FREE workouts and other cool STUFF: The rest of ...
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Ski Fitness – Pt.1: Why Bother?!

Thinking about the number of years that I’ve been skiing makes me feel old…past it…over the hill, you might joke. But in my opinion, I’ve never been in better shape than I am now! You see, a few short years ago, I decided to attempt my next level of ski certification, which would (undoubtedly) enable ...
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5 Reasons to Stay Ski-Fit, During The Off-Season

When you return from your ski holiday, it’s a shame to let your ski fitness slide (pun intended!), only to have to build it back up again next time you go away – so why not stay ski-fit off-season? Most of us will have a general fitness regime we keep up (or at least try ...
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Ask the Expert: Should I Try Intermittent Fasting?

Is Intermittent Fasting a good idea? What is it and how is it supposed to work? Science shows it can help burn fat, build muscle, and boost longevity—maybe. If you’re thinking about fasting to get in shape, read this article first. Source: Ask the Expert: Should I Try Intermittent Fasting? | The Beachbody Blog
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How Zigzag Dieting Can Bust a Plateau | The Beachbody Blog

ZigZag diet – fact or fiction? You decide…At this time of year, when resolutions are being broken, perhaps the following article on Beachbody’s blog (the guys who brought us Insanity, P90X etc) could help everyone feel a little better about themselves! ‘Zigzag dieting is the most powerful tool in your nutrition arsenal for breaking through a ...
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