Get A Health Check Before Starting A Fitness Program!

The X-Life formula is all about results. We believe in methodical, scientific processes & a clear understanding of your starting point leads to the ability to determine your success. A health check provides exactly that. It gives us a baseline from which to progress, with the ability to effectively track & record every success, no matter how small. That’s why every program we deliver includes a health check as standard.

However, not only does a comprehensive health check provide a robust baseline, regular checks can be used as motivation & accountability tools, keeping the subject on track & in focus…A struggling client can be re-motivated just as a progressing client can be rewarded!

A major part of the X-Life Health Check is Body Composition Analysis. We measure numerous parameters including body fat %, fat mass, lean mass, dry lean mass…the list goes on.

Body Composition 101 & Nutrition Tips

X-Life’s X = Kick-Start is based upon the 7 Principles of Accelerated Fat Loss. Check out this article, which describes a few of these principles pretty well. If you’re looking to understand more about, or how to improve, your body composition, begin here:

Body Composition 101 | Improve Body Composition |

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