Weight Lifting for Women | The Tale of Two Twins

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Weight Lifting for women is a good thing, not bad! Resistance training helps increase lean body mass, which in turn, boosts metabolism.

When compared to dieting alone, resistance training has LASTING RESULTS. Consider this:

The Tale of Two Twins

Two identical twins; Margaret & Lisa, weighing in at 90kg & 40% body fat

Margaret decides to lose weight on a diet. Lisa chooses X-Life’s, Escape to Fitness & Adventure and it’s FREE follow-up program…

10 weeks later

Margaret has lost 20kg, paying for pre-packaged meals, whereas Lisa has only lost 10kg:

Margaret = 70kg & Lisa = 80kg.

Margaret now has 35% body fat, but Lisa has 30% body fat – how’s that?!

Starting at 90kg & 40% body fat, both twins had 36kg of fat.

Margaret is now 35% of 70kg = 24.5kg of fat, whereas Lisa is now 30% of 80kg = 24kg of fat…Margaret has lost 11.5kg of fat & Lisa has lost 12kg of fat!

Both twins discontinue their programs

Margaret lost 20kg of body weight but only 11.5kg of fat, therefore she MUST have also lost 8.5kg of muscle / lean body mass, and now has a LOWER metabolism than when she started.

Lisa lost 10kg of body weight and 12kg of fat, therefore she MUST have also gained 2kg of muscle / lean body mass, and now has a HIGHER metabolism because of the extra lean mass.

Another 10 weeks later

Margaret is back to 90kg, but with 8.5kg LESS lean muscle mass. She is therefore 8.5kg FATTER!

Lisa is down to 70kg, with an increased metabolism. She is leaner and burns fat more easily.

Another 10 weeks later

Margaret weighs 95kg. Lisa weighs 65kg. They both agree that DIETS DON’T WORK!

Ladies: you won’t get big, you’ll get lean! It’s time for women to start expanding their workouts that will grow both body and mind and start getting the results you want from the gym!

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