X-Life Online Fitness Programs

X-Life specialises in Action-sports conditioning – it’s what we do! That said, we’re more than passionate about helping as many people as we can. Your ‘X’ might be a different goal, be that weight loss, rehab or nutrition.

Choose from one of the following programs and we’ll tailor it for you; to your unique set of circumstances. Or, you could create your own! Need help? Contact us. We’ll be happy to assist!

X = Beach Fit

Board, Kite or Rig, X-Life Excels at Watersports Conditioning!

Pushing your water sports threshold or chasing the perfect beach body, X-Life will push you to be your best and beyond!

X = Ski-Fit

Ski-Specific Program, Designed by X-Life’s Mountain Pro!

Train with our very own mountain professional! We’ll analyse & target your deficiencies so you’ll be shredding like never before!

X = Your Choice

Define Your ‘X’ & Create Your Very Own Online Program!

Slimming, toning, conditioning, functional fitness, happiness, confidence…We’ll help you define your goal & then reach it!