“A dream written down with a date becomes a goal. A goal broken down into steps becomes a plan. A plan backed by action makes your dreams come true.”

Dare to Dream BIG!

...why limit yourself?!

There are countless reasons that people give for not signing up with a trainer; by far the most frequent is, “I’m just too busy right now”. On the flip-side to that, the single most common reason for people failing with their fitness resolutions is accountability, or lack of it. X-Life Online addresses these two major limitations by tailoring your program to YOU, around your unique circumstances. Whether you prefer more frequent, shorter, easier-to-fit-in sessions or fewer, longer sessions in a week; or maybe you need more specific attention – perhaps due to recovering from injury – no worries! We can devise the perfect program for you. We’ll also keep you at it, via two-way smartphone communication, regular check-ins and individual results tracking. Online training is certainly easier for you, but you get SO much more when compared to traditional training:
  • Cost Efficiency – less face-to-face = lower cost & higher value to you
  • Flexible Location & Schedule – train where & when suits YOU, not your PT’s diary
  • Private & Bespoke – train in the privacy of your own home with a tailored-to-you program
  • Constant Contact – two-way communication via smartphone app, email & regular check-ins
  • Limitless Support – no waiting until the next gym session to ask questions or advice
  • Progress tracking – Stats, repetitions, weights, times…everything is online, so it’s easier to track
  • Customisable & Progressive – your program evolves with you, at your speed
  • YOU decide when & how to train – always get the right appointment for your schedule

...And Don't Forget:

Behind X-Life Online is a person, just like you! These programs aren’t simply a set of follow-along videos. They are SPECIALIST programs individually designed for YOU by an action-sports conditioning pro, not a PT pretending to understand the demands of these highly unique experiences!

X-Life Online

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