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X-Life Christmas Survival Guide

Christmas Survival Guide

Some great advice for the holiday season in this Christmas Survival Guide… It’s official. Holiday season is here. Starting this week health conscious people everywhere are bracing themselves for two solid months of parties, feasts and festivities. It can be overwhelming… Source: Your 9-Step Strategy to Maintain Your Weight During the Holidays

Science Behind HIIT

The Science Behind High Intensity Interval Training – Pt.1 | HIIT Cardio Benefits

By Scott Sowerby  | Personal Trainer BSc Sports Coaching Science High Intensity interval training (HIIT) or Sprint interval training (SIT) is a training method that has garnered a lot of attention within sports science. It has become a recent favourite among fitness professionals (Driver 2012). A lot of articles write about how it should be implemented, but […]

X-Life tests cholesterol, glucose, lactate, triglycerides to further assess & track your health

Why Analyse My Blood?

When embarking upon a fitness program, in order to ensure it is safe to do so, any good Personal Trainer will require their clients to undergo a few simple measurements, such as having their blood pressure taken and, of course, recording their client’s height & weight etc. Some trainers may also perform further measurements enabling them to calculate […]

X-Life Health Check PLUS

Get A Health Check Before Starting A Fitness Program!

The X-Life formula is all about results. We believe in methodical, scientific processes & a clear understanding of your starting point leads to the ability to determine your success. A health check provides exactly that. It gives us a baseline from which to progress, with the ability to effectively track & record every success, no matter how small. That’s why […]